Mettle & Grace – The embodiment of courage, spirit and resilience; as well as finesse and charm.


Mettle & Grace Studio

Mettle & Grace is a fine jewellery manufacturer specializing in bespoke pieces that are hand crafted by Johannesburg-based designer, Jennifer Pienaar.  

As a brand we aspire to create timeless jewellery pieces that can be worn everyday. Additionally, we also create once-off exclusive items – such as the perfect engagement ring – where we strive to reflect our customer’s own personal love story in a once off unique design.

Jen completed a diploma in Jewellery Design and Manufacture at the Tshwane University of Technology in 2012. After working in the commercial jewellery industry for 4 years and completing her Goldsmith Trade Test in 2016, Mettle and Grace was formed at the start of 2017. Her love for creating with her hands shaped into a love for sharing her ideas with her community. She is passionate about making quality jewellery using sustainably and ethically sourced materials from local suppliers.